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Al Qaeda the loser in Arab revolutions

By Peter Bergen, CNN National Security Analyst

(CNN) — Osama bin Laden must be sitting in his comfortably appointed hideaway somewhere in northwest Pakistan watching the events in the Middle East unfold with a mixture of glee and despair.

Glee, because overthrowing the dictatorships and monarchies of the Middle East has long been his central goal.

Despair, because none of the Arab revolutions has anything to do with him.

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Can Al Qaeda Survive the Revolts in the Middle East?

Great commentary by Bruce Riedel.

“As the Arab world undergoes the most profound changes it has seen in over a half century, and the first-ever democratic revolutions in its history, al Qaeda has been caught off guard like everyone else. Now it is trying to regain its footing by looking for ways to gain advantage. So the stakes in Arabia’s earthquake include not just the outcome in each country, the price of oil, and broader regional security, they also involve a battle for the future of the global jihad.” Click here for more . . .

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DNI 2011 Threat Assessment

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