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Perspectives on Terrorism vol. 7, no. 5

The newest issue of the internationally-acclaimed scholarly journal Perspectives on Terrorism is now available online.  Research and analysis by Jeffrey M Bale, Benjamin S. Eveslage, Alexandra Lewis, Paul Kamolnick, and Ely Karmon, along with book reviews, literature search resources, and much more . . .

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Video and Shapiro’s book The Terrorist’s Dilemma

Here’s a great 90 minute video of Jake Shapiro, Bruce Hoffman and Will McCants speaking at an event announcing the release of Jake’s new book, The Terrorist’s Dilemma: Managing Violent Covert Organizations.

His book systematically examines the structural differences between terrorist groups, discusses the core managerial challenges these groups face, and illustrates how the organizations are affected by their political goals and operational environments.  Shapiro provides a historically-informed explanation for why some groups have little hierarchy, while others resemble miniature firms.  Looking at groups in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America, he highlights how consistent and widespread the terrorist’s dilemma — balancing the desire to maintain control with the need for secrecy — has been since the 1880s. A good read for anyone interested in a higher-level study of terrorist organizations.

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