Loopcast interview on Future of Terrorism & CT

May 19th, 2016

Dr. James J.F. Forest discusses The Future of Terrorism and Counterterrorism (CT) online at the Loopcast: http://www.theloopcast.com/e/the-future-of-terrorism-and-counterterrorism/

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Essentials of Counterterrorism

My new book, Essentials of Counterterrorism, is now available in paperback and hard cover.

Publisher’s website: http://www.abc-clio.com/ABC-CLIOCorporate/product.aspx?pc=A4446C

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Essentials-Counterterrorism-Praeger-Security-International/dp/1440832838




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Terrorist Magazines Report

Online Terrorist Magazines:
A report from the Cyberterrorism Project (Swansea) in collaboration with UMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism & Security Studies:

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PT Special Issue on the Islamic State

The peer-reviewed journal Perspectives on Terrorism has published a special issue on the Islamic State with 14 research articles on various aspects of the organization, in addition to an extensive, specially compiled bibliography on IS.

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Terrorism Lectures, 2nd Edition

http://www.nortiapress.com/portfolio-item/forest/ Click here for information about the new Second Edition of the Terrorism Lectures course textbook.

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Sebastian Gorka & David Kilcullen on strategic communication

From the department of “it’s a small world,” Sebastian Gorka (before he was famous) and David Kilcullen co-wrote an interesting chapter “Who’s Winning the Battle for Narrative,” which was published in my 2007 edited volume Influence Warfare.

Here is an excerpt:

To simplify matters, and given the urgency of the task, we can boil the above down into three fundamental questions the United States and its allies must answer if they are to have any chance of building a coherent strategic communications platform which can delegitimize al-Qaida.

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Publishing in an Academic Journal

Interesting piece in the Guardian: “How to get published in an academic journal: top tips from editors”

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Report: Lessons from the Hunt for Joseph Kony

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Congrats to CTSS at UMass Lowell

Department of Defense 2014 Minerva grant awards have been announced. UMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism & Security Studies have received two of them – outstanding!

Here is the formal UMass Lowell CTSS Press Release

See the full list at: http://minerva.dtic.mil/funded.html

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Terrorism Research Conference, Sept. 2014

Click here for information on the 8th Annual International Conference on Terrorism and Counterterrorism (September 17-19, 2014), to be held in Boston and co-sponsored by UMass Lowell’s Center for Terrorism & Security Studies, the Society for Terrorism Research, and UMass Boston.


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