This website provides occasionally interesting perspectives about terrorism, counterterrorism, influence warfare, and other topics in the study of national and international security.

Recommended Podcasts for Terrorism Studies

Here are some great audio learning resources on terrorism, counterterrorism, national security and related topics: Terrorism 360 (START) – Gary LaFree interviews Martha Crenshaw, Bruce Hoffman, Brian Jenkins, Jessica Stern, Clark McCauley and many more: https://www.start.umd.edu/terrorism360 Talking Terror – John Morrison interviews Peter Neumann, Joshua Freilich, Julie Chernov Hwang, Maura Continue Reading

List of Academic Journals

Here’s a long list provided by ASC of journals in criminology,  criminal justice, security, law and other related topics. Many non-U.S. ones are listed here as well (e.g., Europe, Canada, Australia, UK). https://www.asc41.com/links/journals.html