Terrorist Group Decision-Making

Click here for free access to the recent special issue of Perspectives on Terrorism (2012, Vol. 6, No. 4-5) containing several high quality research articles on terrorist group decision-making. You can also download the entire PDF file (186 pages) at this link.

Re: Boko Haram in Nigeria

Here are two recent perspectives on the increasing Boko Haram-related violence in northern Nigeria: The Economist (Jan. 14 2012 issue): http://www.economist.com/node/21542764 an Op-Ed that I co-authored (Jan. 12 2012): http://www.csmonitor.com/Commentary/Opinion/2012/0112/Nigeria-s-Boko-Haram-attacks-are-misunderstood-as-regional-Islamist-threat I’ve also just completed a monograph on Boko Haram, for Joint Special Operations University Press, currently under final review. Quite Continue Reading

Terrorism in Africa

Here is a link to the recent special issue of the journal Perspectives on Terrorism, which addresses Terrorism in Africa. http://www.terrorismanalysts.com/pt/index.php/pot CONTENTS Terrorism and Political Violence in Africa: Contemporary Trends in a Shifting Terrain James J.F. Forest, Jennifer Giroux Terrorism in Liberation Struggles: Interrogating the Engagement Tactics of the Movement Continue Reading

Article on State Weakness

Just published a piece in the Netherlands-based NATO journal Atlantic Perspective. Here’s a link to the issue: http://www.atlcom.nl/upload/AP_2011_nr__6.pdf Ungoverned Territories: Engaging local nongovernmental entities in U.S. security strategy State weakness has become a prime concern for U.S. national security, and so-called ‘ungoverned territories’ are central to this concern. However, we Continue Reading