Essentials of Counterterrorism (2015)

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1. An Introduction to the Study of Counterterrorism
James JF Forest

Part I: Policy and Strategy

2. Developing and Implementing Counterterrorism Policy in a Liberal Democracy
Jennifer S. Holmes

3. Geographic Perspectives on the Socio-Cultural, Economic and Demographic Aspects of Counterterrorism
Christopher Jasparro

4. Combating State Sponsors of Terrorism
Daniel Byman

5. Terrorism Finance: Global Responses to the Terrorism Money Trail
Paul J. Smith

6. The Shadow Economy: The Forgotten Infrastructure of Terrorist Financing
Joseph J. St. Marie, Shahdad Naghspour, and Samuel S. Stanton, Jr.

7. Organized Criminal Networks and Terrorism
JP Larsson

Part II: Tactical and Operational Dimensions

8. The Contemporary Challenges of Counterterrorism Intelligence
Jennifer E. Sims

9. The U.S. Government’s Counterterrorism Research and Development Programs
Michael B. Kraft

10. Denying Terrorists Sanctuary through Civil Military Operations
Robert J. Pauly, Jr. and Robert W. Redding

Part III: Case Studies

11. Countering Terrorism in Latin America: The Case of the Shining Path in Peru
David Scott Palmer

12. Sixty Years of Counterinsurgency in Colombia: From “La Violencia” to “Sword of Honor” Plan
Román D. Ortiz and Janneth Vargas

13. Italy and the Red Brigades: The Success of Repentance Policy in Counterterrorism
Erica Chenoweth

14. Countering West Germany’s Red Army Faction: What Can We Learn?
Joanne Wright

15. The Role of Democratization in Reducing the Appeal of Extremist Groups in the Middle East and North Africa after the Uprising
Francesco Cavatorta

16. India’s Response to Terrorism in Kashmir
Behram A. Sahukar

17. Capturing Khalid Sheik Mohammad
Robert N. Wesley

18. The Madrid Attacks on March 11: An Analysis of the Jihadist Threat in Spain and Main Counterterrorist Measures
Rogelio Alonso