When I was in graduate school, my professors always told me it was important for academics to try and serve a “public intellectual” role, contributing to Congressional debates, giving open seminars at a local community center, or just helping a news reporter with a breaking story. I try to do these things when I can. Please contact me via email (jjfforest at gmail) if I can be of assistance.

Here are some links to recent media interviews and blurbs

Here’s a link to an Op-Ed that I wrote last week for The Globe Post:

Ignoring Domestic, Homegrown Terrorism is Choice that Benefits Few

Podcast:  Talking Terror interview: November 2017

CNN article (Oct 8, 2013) for which I was interviewed:

Media appearances in the aftermath of the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing:

CNBC interview #3 about Boston

A bunch of other tv and radio interviews (CNBC, BBC, Fox, CTV Toronto, SunTV, etc) as well as some other international ones in Russian and Japanese – probably these can be found online as well. Over the past week, I’ve been struck by the thought that the only time I get these calls is when something bad happens. This can be a depressing business, not for everyone. Those of us who study terrorism must maintain a healthy sense of optimism in human nature, despite the lessons of history…


CNBC interview #2 about Boston
CNBC interview #2 about Boston
CNBC interview about Boston
CNBC interview about Boston

Congressional Testimony – Prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee, Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, March 10, 2010