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Click here for information from the new book The Terrorism Lectures


Here are some excellent online resources you may want to sign up for:

  1. Perspectives on Terrorism
  2. CTC Sentinel
  3. OZY Presidential Brief


To download some syllabi and Powerpoint lecture slides from courses taught by Dr. Forest, please click on “Presentation Slides” in the top menu.


Issues of the Combating Terrorism Exchange always offer some useful stuff for researchers and practitioners . . .
For those interested critical infrastructure protection in the U.S., here is a repository of daily open source reports distributed by the DHS since 2006:

Lots of excellent resources on the NCTC website ( ) including terrorist group profiles, incident data, and their annual calendar

Speaking of data, the START Center website ( is home to the Global Terrorism Database, as well as a number of great reports and a bunch of terrorist group profiles.

A searchable “Annotated Bibliography of Research on Terrorism and Counterterrorism” is available here:

For a list of recommended publications in the field of terrorism studies, click here

For a list of recommended websites in the field of terrorism studies, click here


For one of the most comprehensive archive of Red Army Faction documents I have found on the Internet, click here